Why Your Depression Is Not Easy

It is important to realize your depression is not easy, it isn’t the same as the next person who is suffering from depression; this is just one reason why it is so difficult to diagnose. There are many different reasons for a person to become depressed and the worst piece of advice is ‘to pull yourself together’; if you have a low mood that won’t go away then you need to seek medical help.

Why your depression is not easy reflects the complexity of the illness and how difficult it is to cure, there is no magic pill! Seek help! 

There are medications, which can help; counselling and even exercise can all help improve how you feel, but

There are medications, which can help; counselling and even exercise can all help improve how you feel, but realizing that you might need help is one of the most difficult steps you will have to take. I am not a medical expert in this field, but I suffer from depression and have experienced many symptoms and reactions on my journey to a better mental health!

Why Your Depression Is Different

This is perhaps the simplest of questions and has the simplest answer! You are not the same as the next person; we are all individuals and can get ill at any time. Depression is an illness and you need to seek medical help to get better.

However, there are different ways that you can look at your depression and knowing that there is an end to the illness can make you feel more positive, even in the most difficult of times.

I have discussed depression a lot over the last few years, it is something that I feel is important not only as a sufferer but also to help other people; it is one of those illnesses that nobody wants to talk about and yet it affects people from all corners of the world and can appear at pretty much any age.

I want you to have all the information that you need in one place, a point of reference for all the articles I write about depression.

Different Aspects Of Depression

Depression is not something you can see happening, it is often very secretive and seems to sneak up on you when you least expect it! There are also different reasons why depression happens, it isn’t as simple as you might imagine!

How you react and treat your depression affects the long-term outcomes, the longer you leave it untreated the harder it is to resolve! There are some studies done on depression and how different ideas could help in the recovery of a person.

Do You Really See Me – This is something that many people struggle with, hiding behind an image of what they think people want to see!

Living With Depression And Anxiety – This is a personal account of my journey with depression!

How To Deal With Different Types Of Depression – This looks at the different types of depression!

How To Deal With A Low Mood – Sometimes it is important to understand the difference between a low mood and the beginnings of depression!

Are You Feeling Tired And Unmotivated? – Sometimes this is a sign of depression, a low mood or being unmotivated has gone on too long!

The Best Way To Deal With Post-Natal Depression – Sometimes we need to look at how having a baby can affect our thoughts and feelings!

How To Live With Depression

It is so hard to tell someone with depression that there is hope at the end of the tunnel, that your days can get better!

Why Depression Affects Organizing – I never thought that depression would be something I had to deal with, I was a perfectionist, it just happened; but after depression took hold, some days it was difficult to get up let alone deal with daily tasks. Therefore, the journey back to who I was before was never going to happen, I needed to find a new normal for me!

10 Ways Depression Will Affect Your Life – If you ever want to look at the bigger picture of what depression does, this is an article for you!

Beat Depression: Make Positive Changes – Depression isn’t just going to disappear; you must make positive changes to your life to manage your depression.

Planning reduces Stress And Anxiety – I know that if someone springs a surprise on me, it could lead towards an anxiety attack, these can feel differently for many people, but for me I know I get worked up, emotional and not feeling in control!

6 Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Beat Depression – The most difficult one is realizing that you are ill and that you need help. It is talking about those thoughts going round in your head and realizing that you need some help.

Is There A Link Between Depression And Clutter? – While there is no clinical evidence, I know from my own experience how even something small can become too overwhelming to deal with!

Why Depression Is Not Easy To Beat – Depression is an illness and you will need medical help to recover from this illness, it won’t go away on its own! Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Click here to read my disclosure and privacy policy.

I have found the system this book’s based on is really good if you are looking to delve deeper into this topic!

Depression And Sleep

It is something that will affect how you feel and this affects your sleeping too!

Connections Between Insomnia And Depression – It might seem odd that someone who’s depressed, lacking energy and not wanting to get up can also suffer badly from insomnia!

Depression And Anxiety Has An Affect On Your Sleep – Knowing how it affects your sleeping can help you make a better plan with your doctor on how to improve this vital part of life!

What You Can Do To Help Yourself

There are things that you can do that will help improve your depression, they probably won’t cure it, but anything to make you feel better!

5 Actions To Help You With Your Feelings – This looks at what you can do to help yourself feel better!

How To Improve Your Own Mental Health – The most important thing you can do for your own mental health is to acknowledge if you feel there is something wrong and seek out help.

Depression And Your Eating Habits Can Make You Ill – Being in a vicious cycle of feeling low and grabbing fast food that is unhealthy for you, eating this and feeling worse!

Tackling Depression Head On – Depression isn’t an easy journey to take but knowing you aren’t going to let it defeat you is important!

The Connection Between Depression And Soil – Did you know that there is evidence to support a microorganism in the soil can help improve how you feel!

How To Feel Better When Depressed – There are some things that you can do to help you feel better, the most important one is to seek help!

How Dogs Can Help In The Fight Against Depression – I know how important my dogs are to me and how they sense my moods and seem to know when I need more attention!

Are You In Complete Control Of Your Depression? – It is not easy being in control of depression, it takes a hold and is difficult to control, but I think I am getting there, are you?

5 Things To Do When Depression Strikes – Knowing that there isn’t a magic cure is one of the most difficult realizations of this illness!

Depression Can Have A Negative Impact On Work

We often need to work to support our families and depression can have an impact on how we feel and perform at work!

Dealing With Stress At Work – Stress at work can increase the chances of developing depression! Manage your stress levels; it is important for your health.

How To Reduce Stress At Work – If you’re stressed, talking about your job and finding outlets for the stress might work for you!

How To Cope With Debt And Depression – Depression can have a negative impact on your finances too!

Post-Holiday Depression

There are more cases of depression diagnosed in the beginning of the year, this is due to the pressure that we put on ourselves during the holiday seasons!

Dealing With Post Holiday Stress And Depression – After the holidays’ there is a tendency to feel low, the excitement is over and normal life resumes.

De-Stress After Christmas – Feeling normal after a hectic December is challenging, but putting yourself first is important!

Dealing With Holiday Stress – Avoiding stress is important, try planning and being more organized to reduce any anxiety that you might be feeling.

I’m overwhelmed by the amount that I have written on depression and if it helps just one person know they are not alone, or to give them the courage to seek help, then I have succeeded in my goal.

Depression is a subject that isn’t talked about enough, I want people to feel able to express how they are feeling and to get the help they need to live a fulfilling life and understand why your depression is not easy!


Why your depression is not easy reflects the complexity of the illness and how difficult it is to cure, there is no magic pill! Seek help! 


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  4. About 80% of all simple cases involving anorexia or bulimia have a parallel major depression diagnosis. Besides, the numbers of depressed folks are increasing day by day, unfortunately. Being a psychiatrist I think it is not a very difficult to treat, but a wrong expert can make it worst for you. That’s why; consult an experienced psychiatrist to make it easy.

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