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  1. This is such an imporant message, and I’m glad you’re doing better. Thanks so much for sharing your story on Snickerdoodle Sunday. πŸ™‚

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  3. Asking for help is hard, but it’s so beneficial if we can bring ourselves to do it. Leaving plenty of time to accomplish tasks helps a lot as well. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Thank you for sharing this! Taking small, but important steps, like organizing, lead to long term payoffs!

  6. Your welcome Jamie, thanks for visiting too:)

  7. newsurfiegirl says:

    Thanks for sharing this, it is great to know I am not alone with this struggle. Some days it is hard just to manage to do anything! Taking things slowly has been the only way I have been able to deal with my depression and accepting that some days will be better than others.

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  9. This is great advice, I have found that when feeling overwhelmed I would only look at the next day, no further ahead than that as I was worrying about how busy the next week was going to be etc, so one day at a time works for me. I also write a list the night before or first thing in the morning, & I also write down the everyday things. I’m a great list maker, I find it clears my mind & if some things on the list don’t get done I just add them to the next day.

  10. Hi Gayle, I love lists too they are a great way to help even with the basic of tasks.

  11. When I start talking about being more organized my husband always rolls his eyes, and tries to help me figure out why I’m depressed or anxious…

    I recently read an article on ADHD in women, and how it’s manifest completely different in boys. Rather than the typical hyperactive and/or unable to focus symptoms that you usually associate ADD with. It’s feeling forgetful and unorganized in women, and the onset is typically in your late 20’s. The article suggested that many women don’t even know they have ADHD, they just think they’re wired differently and are ashamed of the chaos they exist in, and are depressed or anxious b/c of these things they see as character flaws.

    I’m not a very eloquent writer, but conceptually this hit home for me… Thinking gosh I used to be able to keep everything together – now I can barely remember where I put my keys. If only I could be more organized…

    Thanks for your article. I thought I was the only one who gets organized focused or frustrated when I’m down.

  12. Thanks for visiting, it is nice not to feel like the only one!

  13. I just ran across your post on Pinterest. I agree that organization has a lot to do with my mental state. I think keeping a journal would be good for me. Thank you for posting, I have been struggling with depression a lot especially over the holidays. It is hard to ask for help.

  14. Hi Heidi,
    thanks for visiting, I know what you mean about asking for help!

  15. I clicked over from a Pinterest link….the pin made me look twice because most of my feed is geared towards antiques, sewing, teddy bears (I collect them)…. I have been on meds for a couple of years due to chronic depression which starting expressing as anxiety/panic episodes. I like being organized, it makes me feel in control to some extent. I keep Post-It notes everywhere to keep me on track, even on my bathroom mirror, my car’s console, the microwave – you name it! πŸ™‚ No longer do I start stressing because I *forgot* to do something, be somewhere etc. I tried using my smartphone to keep me on track with various apps but it didn’t work out for me. A good ol’ Post-It is great because they can be stuck most anywhere, can be moved etc. I am coming off the meds next month, my doctor wants to see how I do now that some major stressors have gone away in the last year and I’ve been working on calming myself with breathing and yoga. I feel so much better these days, different than before like you stated but better in many ways.

  16. Hi Ani, thanks for sharing, I am glad you are looking to come of your meds I hope that you do OK. I find post-it notes annoying, I end up having too many and they start stressing me out lol. But I am glad you have found something that works for you:)

  17. This is a great article and a really important topic. Your personal insight makes such a difference. It’s so good to see really practical advice about the day to day managing of life with depression. Well done!

  18. Thank you Karen for your kind words:)

  19. Janice Wald says:

    I came over to say thank you for following my blog, and I saw you had over 10,000 social shares on your article!? Congratulations! Once again, welcome to my blog!

  20. Thank you πŸ™‚ I just loved your blog and couldn’t get enough! Thank you for visiting and noticing my social shares πŸ™‚

  21. thank you for this! It makes total sense to me~some days I feel like I walk in circles not really accomplishing any of the goals I had set for that day and it so frustrating. I think keeping a journal and a to do list is a great idea, even if I can only check one or two things off a day, at least it’s something tangible that I can see.
    I used to work full time and be super organized and now I’m on disability retirement and have severe chronic fatigue, but I’m going to do this!!
    Thank you so much!! And God Bless you, I’m giving you an air hug right now, lol!

  22. Thank you for the air hug! It was so needed today πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back soon πŸ™‚

  23. Yes, depression definitely affects everything in my life. Especially organization.
    Changing my eating habits has helped alot. Gluten free and sugar free.

  24. I haven’t tried gluten free as a diet option to help the depression but I do know the less sugar I eat the better I feel!

  25. I am so glad i clicked the link over from Pinterest! I am normally a very positive person, but sometimes literally feel like im sinking in and things are going to fall into the hole on top of me! The only way i can descibe it is an overwhelming feeling. Like life is continuing to go on and i have become irrelevant. This feeling will consume me for days and sometimes weeks before i can completely pull myself out of it. It never really occured to me that i was battling depression!
    This all makes total sense to me now. I used to be the mom people ask when school events, etc was but now i dont know what hours i even work tomorrow! I have become so unorganized due to the depression and just trying to stay out of “the pit”!
    Thank you so much for this!

  26. You are so welcome! Depression is great at creeping up and taking hold before you realize! Thanks for visiting and I am glad you clicked through too! πŸ™‚

  27. Most importantly, family and friends needs to understand that you can’t “get over it” like they suggest. You need a good support system and people who can guide you when you need it, be patient, and listen to your fears…not tell you get over it! If we could get over it we would. BTW, my sticky notes all over the place (car, next to bed, on fridge) is a good coping mechanism for me and helps me to remember and focus.

  28. That is so true! I got banned from sticky notes, I think they started to take over! But what is important is finding a system that helps you stay focused and able to manage your day.

  29. Hey thanks for your post, it is nice to finally come across someone you has depression and has tried to improve organisation. I have been overwhelmed by the thing on organisation but none have included how to accommodate depression and or other life debilitating illnesses. Eg illnesses where you get wiped out unexpectedly for 3 days. Could you pretty pretty please send me the links to your printable sheet, I couldn’t get the yellow link to work. Many thanks.

  30. Hi Peta, I have sent you an email with the attachment that you couldn’t get to work! Thanks for your kind words too!

  31. Fran Quirk says:

    Que earlier years of my life I was in a job where I had many deadlines plus a husband and a child. I lived by my planner and had it together. I had a depression diagnosis but kept things together. I was 51in 2005 and was diagnosed with Bipolar II…Meaning I have more depression than mania.

    I’m 62 now and my life seems to be chaotic. My apartment is always cluttered. I’m either overbooked or forget stuff. Very frustrating as this is so NOT me.

    After much trial and error, I’ve put aside my planner, using my phone’s tools, and learned to be OK with not being super organized.

    My wall calendar is my friend…I write appointments, birthdays, when my SSDI check hits my bank, and anything else that I want to do “on time”.

    As far as daily tasks at home…Honestly, I have no system. Right now, I am preparing for a move. There are boxes and packing paper in one corner of the living room. Dishes are done way too seldom. I have files all over the flat surfaces in my bedroom.

    Fortunately, I have an aide that comes in every other week to clean…So at least twice a month my sheets are changed, carpet is vacuumed, floors are scrubbed, and the bathroom cleaned. And because of my shame over how little I can manage…I carry out the trash and change the cat’s litter box.

    Right now my laundry is behind. I have to admit I went to Walmart for a five pack of panties because the only ones left in the drawer were too small. I have a small portable washer that hooks up to my kitchen faucet. I hang things on hangers and drying racks so I can get one or two loads done…Just haven’t done any lately. You can’t let the washer drain into the kitchen sink if the sink is full of dishes!

    I use paper plates as much as I can. I used to ask why no one has invented disposable pots and pans, there’s just me here. Than it hit me…I started lining my skillets (these are what gets ignored) with heavy duty aluminum foil. At this point I don’t recycle (GASP)…We no longer have indoor recycling in my building and taking it out to the bins is just too much! I know why I SHOULD…But if using paper plates and aluminum foil facilitates my eating in a healthier manner so be it.

    Hope this helps someone!

  32. Hi, Fran, thank you for your kind words of encouragement, depression is such a difficult topic and sometimes we all need to hear that we are not alone and there are things that can help us manage each day. I love your idea of lining your skillets!

  33. Thankyou. Have fought depression for many years
    Needed new ideas,help, yes this will help. Blessings to you

  34. Thank you for your kind words! Depression is not something that is easy! I hope these ideas help!

  35. Jo Saunders says:

    Just saw your post on Pinterest and it struck a chord. Yes. Things are getting on top of me and I’ve started to become disorganised. Yes, a list would help. I love a list on a good day – so just writing a list will lift my spirits on a low day. It’s the simple things that make all the difference. First of all though I’m going to make my bed. If I achieve nothing else today at least I will go to bed tonight the bed will be made and I can say I did one thing. Thank you.

  36. I am so glad you found the post on Pinterest! A list is a great way to show you how much you can do! Going to bed with one achievement is awesome! Plus you get to look at the bed every time you pass your room and it gives you a sense of pride! πŸ™‚

  37. Kathleen Harpell says:

    Thank you for all the information on depression it explains a lot on how I’m living. I didn’t realize that’s why I live the way I do. I have ideas in my head that I think I can do but once I start and get halfway through something there it sits. I know there is a lot to do it’s just to get motivated and do so or I’ll keep saying I’m going to do that tomorrow but it never comes. I live with my mother and sister I’m an Epileptic and have lots of falls. I do notice they try to get me out of the house a lot going different places. I feel safe upstairs in my bedroom where I can do the things I enjoy doing. I don’t know where I’d be without my family or my knitting or music. One thing I’ll never regret is learning to knit i love making sweaters for other people I feel so proud of myself when I’ve accomplished a project and listening to the country songs newer country I don’t like the old stuff and I love watching old movies not westerns. I don’t laugh or smile anymore only when my daughter sends me pictures of my grandsons. I do have 3 granddaughters whom I haven’t seen in 7+ months something going on with their Mom and Dad that’s when she stopped them from coming to see any of their Dads side they were hear every 2nd weekend before that it was more often. I can just think of something and will cry. I will say I will go somewhere and won’t follow through with it. I found that I am very quite but when I try to talk it doesn’t make sense half the time. I turn my head a lot on people just so I don’t have to say anything because I can’t think of things to say to keep a conversation going. I will wait for someone to speak to me before I say hello. I always walk with my head down. I always feel negative my eating habits have changed and I sit up till around 3am or later knitting just to feel good about myself and don’t wake up till going on 11am time for my 1st set of meds. I don’t drink or smoke although I use to so there isn’t a lot for me to do is there anyway you could send me ideas to get me motivated or things I could do even if it is slowly 1 thing I forgot to mention is that I am on a Relay For Life Team and when we come in 1st it is a good feeling knowing that you are helping someone who really needs it I knit for our fundraiser s and feel good about it my other problem is mood swings I do feel bad for those around me that have to go through this with me but it’s my problem and I don’t mean to be the way I am thankyou for listening to me!

  38. Kathleen bless you and all that you are going through right now! I would like to see you join our newsletter, it comes out weekly and you can opt to have a monthly newsletter on depression where I talk more in-depth on the subject. It will give you access to more support and ideas to help you become more motivated! I am looking at creating a group on Facebook where you can feel comfortable talking about how you feel knowing that only those in the group will see it!

  39. Hi Sharon thank you so much for your post it hits home in so many ways and when you’re having a clear day like today I think yes makes complete and utter sense. Up until now reading your post I’ve never really put it all together my good days even best days are when I’ve planned and done lists even be it a small list with 1or 2 things on that I’d like to achieve that day.
    Reading the post and comments I almost cried it’s like your all in my head and understand what I face daily. I hate to think of others going through this struggle on a daily basis but hearing others talk about it and give you ideas of things they do to help them cope gives hope where often you feel there is none so thank you very much .

  40. I am so glad Sally that this post has helped you! Depression isn’t easy and the more you can do to make your days work, the better you will feel! πŸ™‚

  41. Hi Sharon. I hope you are still active with your blog. First, let me thank you with all of my heart for your information. Since the birth of my daughter I have been struggling with debilitating depression. I have a good doctor whom I trust. However, throughout the years I have lost control of my apartment, due to many of the factors outlined in your article. I have felt great shame and have received very little support from my husband or family. I know it is difficult for them to understand. In the meantime, I thank you for shedding a light on this issue.

  42. It’s hard dealing with depression! It amazes me how it affects all areas of your life! Be strong you can do this! πŸ™‚

  43. Thank you for creating this outlet, I can see that you are helping and reaching people with your level of understanding of depression & all that it means. I have suffered with depression most of my adult life and I’m 55 now! I had post natal depression in my early 20s and am ashamed that I still fail to ‘manage’ this condition. My family really do not understand how debilitating this can be for me. I have just returned from the ‘trip of a lifetime’. A cruise from Miami through the Panama Canal visiting 4 countries and ending in Los Angeles. This cruise is now being called the Panama Canal Construction Cruise from Hell! I arrived home almost a week ago and have been devastated that a holiday company would treat paying guests the way we were treated OR am I simply feeling the effects of Jet lag??? I was sooo excited about this trip, I had bought a new wardrobe that I never got to wear! When I arrived home I didn’t just cry – I wailed as I was in so much pain in all my sinuses for almost two days. It doesn’t matter how on top of my depression I am it only takes something to go wrong to reduce me to a jibbering wreck. I’m sorry to have gone on but again thank you for providing this outlet it has been therapeutic. Sending you a virtual hug.

  44. Hi Jackie, Thank you for your kind words! I know just how you feel when something goes wrong and end up as a gibbering wreck! I’m so sorry that your holiday was a disaster and I hope you are able to claim something back! You know we are here for you! Take care! πŸ™‚

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