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  1. Victoria S. says:

    Hi Sharon, great info except for the vinegar and baking soda paste. The two mixed together basically produce a salt water due to neutralizing effects of mixing an acid and a base that won’t clean anything. The fizzing is a chemical reaction but won’t clean or disinfect anything let alone kill mold.

  2. Salt will dry up dampness in the mattress and can reduce the appearance of mold and even prevent more mold from growing as it needs moisture to survive.

  3. Definitely some useful tips here on mold removal from fabric. Unfortunately mold can become insidious very quickly.
    We often deal with mold removal with our company and we can personally vouge for utilizing vinegar. Although as you pointed out, it definitely does not leave behind a pleasant smell. Often times we’ll use baking soda as a follow up to remove any residual odors.

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