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  1. Well #5 is a good enough reason for me! I’m putting this on my list this week. I’ve been putting it off.

  2. I am glad I inspired you! 🙂

  3. None of the reason can be ignored or left behind to have a clean and hygienic bathroom.

  4. FREDIA TATUM says:

    Cleaning becomes part of you once you are taught personal hygiene as a child. As we grow to know that cleainess is to godilness. We must first keep our temples clean to keep our place clean. To make time is the key. On a day you probably got alot to do. But set a time during the week to just ckean your home . One room at time. By Friday you will be finished to enjoyed the weekend. If its is something to on Friday make it simply. You will feel good after putting time in to look around. It’s where it need to be.
    My parents had nine children and we never did chores on the weekend. A day was set aside to wash clothes etc. Enjoyed yourself

  5. Great tips to keeping your home clean.

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