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  1. I have faced my paper piles since March when I did some sorting. Why is it such a dreaded chore? Maybe it’s just all those decisions.

  2. Decisions! You hit it right on the nail head, Stella! Since I moved in June, I haven’t been able to set up any systems, I’m always too busy! lol But, I am getting better about recycling stuff, so that helps.

  3. But if you don’t tackle it it grows! 🙂

  4. I wish I was better at recycling! 🙂

  5. A priester says:

    Why do I “save” paper? there are all those important papers , including lots of medical papers… Lots. I could scan them into my computer but, of course, I’m of the generation that believes they will be lost. I’ve seen friends get their mail and quickly discard “junk”.. I get mail and throw it into the pile of mail I’m collecting so I can sit down and spend time going through it .. Weeks, months later! I recently began getting the daily newspaper.. oh my! I’m not reading it! So I’m accumulating papers for weeks. Again, my friend’s newspaper is in the recycle bin by the end of the day. Recently, I discovered making baskets from rolled newspaper. I now have a container wth newspaper tubes waiting to be made into marvels of art. I can’t possibly throw out newspaper because I’m going to make art. I haven’t made a basket yet! But I will soon, right? In my defense, I have a chronic debilitating illness plus depression. Between pain and depression, I find my worry about paper funny, silly. And, so we’ve come too the answer to my “why”. Sometimes I simply can’t read with brain fog, hurt too much to sit and sort through mail, too unstable to walk to recycle bin or just too exhausted body and soul. So I’ll sit mindlessly rolling papers into pretty colored tubes to make ( someday) into pretty baskets. Smiling because I feel good enough to do that… A good day.

  6. I know that feeling all too well! I would love to see a basket made out of paper sounds interesting!

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