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  1. It is hard to stick to resolutions some years. I am hoping this year I can do it.

  2. Hi Ellen, thanks for visiting I know what you mean so I am breaking mine down into monthly goals!

  3. I really liked how you said if you can’t break down the goal it is probably not practical. I have often seen the plan falter for lack of realistic goals. That is a great piece of wisdom to think on.

  4. Hi Dawn, thanks for your kind comments. It is so easy to make unrealistic goals!

  5. I agree with you 100%. I have struggled in the past with making and achieving goals.

    This year I chose 1 very specific and measureable business goal and used a spreadsheet to break that into monthly goals. I even came up with daily page view goals for my blog to keep me on track toward my monthly goals.

  6. Hi Dawn, thanks for commenting, I have broken mine down into daily goals too I think this is the only way I can achieve my long term goals!

  7. Working on this for myself and with each of our kids right now. We’re each picking a habit to work on or goal to achieve in the month of January. Being able to break things down into manageable parts if definitely a key to accomplishing them.

  8. Totally agree with breaking things down if there are manageable you are more likely to accomplish. Thanks for visiting:)

  9. Sharon,
    This is so good. So often I get all these ideas in my head of what I am going to so and then I getoverwhelmed and give up. Thank you for this.
    Kat ie

  10. Happy New Year Sharon!
    I have given up on New Year resolutions. I don’t think my heart was ever really in them. But I think it is important to have goals. We’ve set a big one for this year and getting to it is definitely going to mean breaking things down into smaller parts.

  11. Thanks Katie:)

  12. Hi Sam, even though they are called resolutions I think really they are goals, something to keep focus for the year to get where you want in life and business. Thanks for visiting:)

  13. Thanks for reading hope you enjoy!

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