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  1. I need to do some of this as well.
    Great job!

  2. Thank you 🙂

  3. I know I don’t wear skirts a lot anymore because of a few things, The need for comfy shoes since I injured my foot being one. The fact that my legs almost always need some dilatory action. The dogs, for some reason they think it’s ok to put their head in places they ought not to. And sadly, because skirts and my chaotic home have not been a good mix. Wearing skirts and feeling feminine again are on my agenda. Not today though, it’s too cold! I hope you do wear skirts and dresses more. I hope we both make more of an effort in the future.

  4. Hi! Visiting from Monday Madness Link Up. I just had this experience recently as well when I used the KonMari Method to go through my clothes – only keeping the things that I loved and knew I would wear. It helps me now too as I wear things and notice little things that bother me – they go into the donation pile. It does make a big difference to only keep and wear things that fit you and make you feel good in the present.

  5. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 It is important to feel good about ourselves 🙂

  6. Thank you for visiting 🙂 It is so important to actually like the clothes you own because it won’t inspire you if you hate them 🙂

  7. Last year I gave my closet a overhaul. Great job gaining control of your wardrobe. Thank you for linking up at #HomeMattersParty this week. I hope you will come back next week to link up again.

  8. Thank you for your kind words:) I will be back 🙂

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