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  1. This is great! We don’t do a lot of holiday parties but we will be having one with our small group this year! So a few of these are already done for me since it is with our group, but these are great tips for hosting a fun filled party! I even like the part about shoes! We let our guests leave shoes on since we have children, and even if I sweep and vacuum before everyone comes there always seems to be something that finds its way to the floor! ☺️ Gail

  2. Hi Sharon! I’ve never hosted a holiday party before, so this was interesting to think about. From attending holiday parties, I have to agree wholeheartedly about comfortable shoes. Yes, there’s a story there. 😉

  3. Hi Gail thanks for visiting:) I know what you mean with the floors!

  4. Tarissa thanks for visiting, there is nothing worse than having shoes that hurt!

  5. We have a couple parties we are attending, but we aren’t throwing any this year. At least that takes the majority of the pressure of! Still have to figure out what to wear, however…. Now THAT’S my challenge!

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