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  1. I am a big routine person. I am always happy after the weekend or holidays when my routines can be reestablished!

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  2. Thanks for visiting Elizabeth, I love routines!

  3. I’m definitely a routine person. Rigid time scheduling doesn’t work for me, but I remember with littles, it was important. I also like habits: Geting i nthe habit of doing a load of laundry a day, for instance. I now do it on auto-pilot. Visiting from Equipping Godly Women.

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  5. Visiting from Fellowship Fridays 🙂 I am trying to find balance between my daily routines and things that need to be scheduled. I sometimes get stuck in a rut and realize it’s been weeks since I’ve seen my friends. So I find myself needing to schedule the fun stuff! I think I am doing better at it now 😉

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  7. I never really thought about the differences between scheduling and routines. I have been trying to get a bit more structure to my life, so this post was truly helpful. Thanks!
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  9. Thanks Kimberly for visiting I am glad it helped:)

  10. I’ve never really thought of the differences! I guess I use a little of both. I don’t mind routine as long as you still switch it up every once in a while. Thanks for your submission to the HomeAcre hop. Be sure to come back to or one of the other hosts and submit another this week 🙂

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