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  1. Ha! I’m jealous of them too! Hard as I try, things never seem to end up back in their home right after use! Love your not spending money principle but I do feel there are times when investing in a shelving unit, storage bins, etc are necessary. We just can’t chase organized hoping to find it in more “stuff.”

  2. Thanks for visiting, love your thoughts and appreciate your comments:)

  3. I feel like I could truly be an organized person if I just designate a home for everything. The problem is we seem to have way more stuff than places to put that stuff. I really need to do a big purge of all the stuff we really don’t need to clear spaces for the stuff that needs a home to be stored in when not in use.

  4. I love to organize, but I have found that my main area of weakness is maintenance. I have learned the hard way to stop buyin all the ‘organizational helps’ because like you said they take up time and waste money. Really the best thing I have learned is to simplify and get rid of things that I don’t need. It’s a little hard, cause I think I probably have a hoarding tendency, but I am getting better at it. Now if I can get my kid to follow along the maintaining will be much easier. 😉

    Great ideas!

  5. Hi Dawn thanks for visiting, finding a home is the hardest thing in organizing.

  6. Hi Alana, thanks for visiting and your kind comments:)

  7. Hi Dawn thanks for visiting I know about the kids lol.

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