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  1. Thank you … it is an ongoing thing to evaluate and keep things running smoothly…. especially when flexibility is needed with a husband’s schedule. 🙂 Good post.

  2. Very thoughtful post. I’m like you: I know mornings could be super productive, but I can’t do it. All my life, I’ve wanted to be a morning person, but I can’t make it happen.

  3. Thanks for visiting, at least I’m not the only one who wished they could be a morning person:)

  4. I also wish I was a morning person. (I actually used to be one years ago until I married a night owl and he converted me! LOL) I’ve found that what helps me the most is laying out everything we need for the morning the night before. Outfits are picked out, lunches are packed, and bookbags are prepped and waiting by the door. It’s eliminated so much stress from our daily routine!

    I’m still working on not multi-tasking and learning to say no. Baby steps, right? 🙂

  5. Thanks Aimee for visiting and your kind words:) Baby steps are the only forward:)

  6. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thank you for submitting to Motivation Monday!

  7. Thank you for hosting such a great party!

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