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  1. My grandchildren (ages 6 & 3 ) live with me. I have little chores for them to do everyday–such as picking up their toys before going to bed. The 6-year old unloads the silverware tray. They both remove their own plate from the table and put the their trash in the compactor. The 3-year old loves to run the trash compactor. As they get older they will have more responsibilities.
    I believe your child should be taught to be responsible.

  2. Hi Visiting from Monday Madness Linky party. I have recently started a new chore routine for my two kids and it is working out well. I think I waited as long as I did for the same reason you did, I was available to do the housework myself. Now I need help and it is wonderful to have little helpers do the dishes.

  3. I understand that being responsible is important, it is how we teach this to our children!

  4. It is making the choice as to when you ask for help!

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