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  1. The underwear comment stands out because it is clearly purely an emotional reason, not a practical one. Underwear IS easy to clean and there is no rational reason not to use second-hand underwear. It doesn’t *really* belong on this list. I mean, I don’t wear second-hand knickers, but I’m not kidding myself that it’s for a real good reason, other than my personal or cultural distaste of the idea.

  2. Don’t buy anything used that cannot be sanitized if you live in an area with Meth problems. We learned that, for example, you shouldn’t buy any used soft furniture, books or even cars in the Texas panhandle because they can have residual methamphetamine all over/in them. People get sick from buying homes with it that have been “fixed up” but haven’t been properly remediated. You can’t see or smell it, but it can make you very sick.

  3. I agree! 🙂 Thanks for visiting 🙂

  4. I have been thinking about this one and I am inclined to agree with you, maybe it is a personal and emotional reason. Thank you for your input and to make me think again about the concept! 🙂

  5. I never knew this thank you for sharing with us!

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