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  1. Sharon thank you for featuring my cleaner!
    I hate dusting and cleaning the bathroom.
    I don’t use bleach in my house anymore. My kids eat stuff and i dont want to take that risk.

  2. Great post! I love the idea of ditching the bleach and using safer products to clean with. It really only takes a few minutes to throw together a good cleaner and it will last you all month. I feel better knowing there are less chemicals in the house.

  3. Thanks Jenny for visiting:)

  4. We clean everything in our house. We’ve done the baseboards and woodwork, got the animals’ places all fixed up and smelling good with a Febreze plug-in nearby. Cleaned ceiling fans, carpet is done with the sweet smell of Original Febreze. Our bedroom is the next challenge this weekend along with closets and storage places. Our kitchen is almost done. We have been busy this time around.

  5. I’m always impressed by woman who are so organized with their household management. I’m not a naturally organized person when it comes to the house, but I’m learning how to make it part of my daily routine and the habits I already have – I’ve found that that’s the key!

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