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  1. I agree, you have to take care of your vacuum or you can’t expect it to perform optimally. I also use a bagless vacuum, a Dyson V6, and it gets emptied every time I use it. I also have a small handheld vacuum that I use to vacuum my Dyson!

  2. I was looking for vacuuming tips on google and in just one search I found your blog. This article gonna help me a lot. Thank you very much for this excellent post.

  3. Thank you, Alastair, for your kind words! 🙂

  4. Hey Sharon, What is your thought about robotic vacuum cleaners? I think it’s better than the traditional vacuum cleaners if you’re having busy time with work.

  5. Hi Mike, I’ve never used one but I would love to give one a go! 🙂

  6. I am a fan of your blogs. I follow you for sometime now and I really like reading your blog as they are so informative.

    I just read your blog on vacuum cleaner and I must say it is really informative. All these topics are really helpful for all.
    Thanks for share with us.

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