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  1. Visiting from Facebook 🙂 Great post! I try to do two things over the holidays – one look at my pantry and see if I have anything that can be used for holiday food planning. (Bread mixes, artichokes and frozen spinach for spinach artichoke dip, etc) and two – every week I try to pick up one or two things that I know I’ll need when it’s on sale (sour cream, chips, etc). That way I don’t get stuck with an extra big grocery bill the week of the holiday! Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Hi Lindsay, what a great idea about stocking up each week for the holiday season. Thanks for visiting:)

  3. I have friends that start their shopping right after Christmas for the next year. Then in September, they set a little aside each month for the holidays! Wish I could say I was as well prepared. Great tips!!

  4. Thanks for visiting Elizabeth, I hold with shopping for presents because you just never know.

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