8 Things Organized People Do Daily

Have you ever wondered what it is like being organized? Organized people do some things daily to help them stay in control of the situation. They might seem like they have everything under control; in fact, many organized people just have developed systems, which ensure they are never late and seem in control. Implementing a few of the skills that organized people use might help to make your life run that bit smoother. However, it is about finding the right balance for you and your family, making sure the new system is right for you; if it isn’t try something different until you are able to find the right system to adopt as part of your more organized life.

Improving your own organization skills is important and a great way to see what to improve is to look at organized people and see what they do daily.


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Understanding What Organized People Do

It is important to understand what organized people do and why they approach tasks in a certain way. It is about taking control of their time and using it to their best advantage; we all have the same amount of time available, it is just that organized people use it to their advantage instead of letting it take advantage of them.

These people find ways, which allow them to stay in control of all situations; it is not something that is allusive and it is possible for anyone to live an organized life. It just takes time and determination to see the benefits from having a more organized life and putting into practice, certain skills that will help them develop their own organizational skills.


What Organized People Do

  1. An organized person is someone who knows what to do and when. They have a system to keep their appointments on track and their day scheduled. Some people are great at remembering things and while they might not openly have a planner, they are planning appropriate timing for each activity and ensuring they are fully aware of any time constraints and appointments, they need to attend. If you want more information on a daily planner then check out this article. If you are looking for a planner I adore the disc systems, they are versatile and pages are secure yet easy to move if needed,
  2. They prioritize the items they need to do in their day; this ensures the most important tasks are complete and if things do need carrying forward to the next day these are less important tasks.
  3. Organized people have a better understanding of the time they need to do a job and if they find that a job is too large, it’s broken down into smaller tasks. This also helps with procrastination, sometimes if a task seems too big it is often put off, but by breaking it down into smaller chunks, these are more readily completed in a smaller time scale and less likely put off.
  4. You will find that organized people tend not to put off a task; they are more willing to get up and get stuck into a job, breaking it down if it takes too long to complete. However, they are great at judging the amount of stuff they can do within a time limit, meaning they seldom empty out the whole room to reorganize when the time available is just half an hour!
  5. You might be surprised to learn that organized people don’t multi-task, it is a disaster waiting to happen. If you are doing multiple jobs at once, you are not putting your full focus into the task in hand and often you can end the day with loads of jobs part done instead of completing the ones that you have started. It is also possible that those tasks you have finished are not up to a standard you want, but because of time and the amount of tasks you are doing it is often difficult to finish anything to your own expectations.
  6. Delegation is the key to any successfully organized person. They are great at telling others how and what to do and this is important; getting help with different tasks, will ensure you get more accomplished in the time available. However, there are a few organized people, I’m one of them, who have found letting people help is a difficult concept. What if they don’t do the task right and I have to do it again? It is wasting their time and mine. I have struggled with this and while I am better at accepting the help, I am not good at asking for the help in the first place. I am probably in the mindset of, if you can’t see the problem then you aren’t going to see that something needs doing and to stop an argument or upset I just find it easier to do things myself.
  7. Perfection is not something organized people supposedly think about. I think this is wrong, an organized person is often looking for perfection in everything they do, I know I have spent a lot of time letting go of the perfection and this makes me feel less organized! It is more about getting the balance right, as much perfection as you need, balanced with the organization that is right for you and your family.
  8. Getting the balance right between being organized and going over the top is not an easy balance to accomplish. Those who are able to get this balance right have the best of the organized world as well as being able to spend quality time with friends and family.

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Therefore, by looking at what organized people do, you can adjust your own organizational skills; finding new ways to organize your life can reduce stress and anxiety. There is not one system fits all; you have to find the system that works for you. In addition, a change in circumstances can mean a system which worked, is no longer effective and you have to look again, at what will work for you and your family.


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What is your favourite organizing tip?

Improving your own organization skills is important and a great way to see what to improve is to look at organized people and see what they do daily.

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  1. I really enjoy your points about perfection and multitasking. Those are both killers to really being organized and efficient. Great tips. Thank you for linking at Snickerdoodle! I hope to see you next week! Shared.

  2. I think being retired has made me less interested in my routines. My husband helps with various tasks but if he is sitting down, I often lose the “get-up and go” to do things myself.

  3. I think the real trick to delegation is finding the right person for the job. For example, I’d never let my 6 year old clean the floor. But he is amazing at sweeping under the table and cleaning just that area, since he is so short.

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