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  1. Credit is so addicting. The one thing that got me to stop using credit was thinking about how much the credit card companies were making off of interest rates. Why pay them when I can pay myself?

  2. Thanks Sarah for visiting! The idea of all that money credit card companies make is scary!

  3. I have and love my credit card–BUT it’s paid off in full! It will have a balance soon, but I always work my booty off to pay it right back down right away.

  4. I haven’t had a credit card in years I think it would scare me too much!

  5. elizabeth says:

    I always used a credit card for a major store, which gave me vouchers as a reward. I used these vouchers to buy our clothes from that store and sometimes I only had to pay less than £5 for a whole load of clothes. When I became a pensioner I had to adjust and started to use a debit card instead. I miss the vouchers I “bought” our clothes with, sometimes splashed out on their food range as a treat. But I know exactly how much money I have without worrying about saving to pay off a credit card.

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