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  1. Jo A Stegall says:

    My mother is 85 and I am 65. We spend considerable less than the government guidelines suggest. We include vitamins, calcium, cleaning products, and pet foods and litter. Our key is shopping online and picking up needed groceries twice a month. We eat more salads the first week and more frozen vegetables the second week. After trying store brands we purchase quite a few, sometimes preferring them to the name brand. After realizing we were averaging $114 in savings by not entering a grocery store, I decided I could do better. Now I will pick up whole pork loins priced at $1.48 a pound and have them sliced or slice them myself. When boneless chuck roasts are on special I buy three or four, not even looking at other things in the store. I continue to buy 93% lean ground beef, boneless chicken breasts, and most other meats at the grocery store (Walmart). I drive nineteen miles to the nearest pickup store. It is a nice drive, not a lot of traffic. I can go and get back faster than I would if I went to the nearest local store. We never run out, we eat well, and spend less time buying groceries. I do have a master list of meals and pick and choose to vary them. I keep a total of all expenditures in the same spreadsheet. We are able to eat steak on a regular basis (feed the dog steak too), have well balanced meals, as well as thing we may want to try. I can’t think of a better way to save and would cry if I had to start shopping for all the groceries. It is the way to go!

  2. Hi Jo,
    If you have found a way to save money shopping and have a great diet then I applaud you! With online shopping, it was the same food and I got bored! I love that you keep a spreadsheet of your money and are able to see where you can make the savings! I proud of you and your mom! Take care! ?

  3. Thank you for these grocery shopping tips. I am 62 years old and have been organizing my grocery list by ‘departments’ for ages. A huge help! I hate when I forget my list- like scanning the beach for sea glass, when you turn around to come back you always see ”more’! When I backtrack in the grocery store I always see things that I wasn’t aware of before!! Great for beach glass – not so much in the grocery store!

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