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  1. Great tips, especially for someone like me, who HATES shopping!

  2. I have to say, all of the early Black Friday sneak peeks are kind of a bummer. I loved the anticipation of getting the paper on Thanksgiving and scouting out the deals. Oh well! You are convincing me to get prepared;0)

  3. Hi Ellen, I hate shopping when there are other people about lol

  4. Hi Jayleen, It is better to be prepared!

  5. Thanks for visiting Jenny:)

  6. Good tips! Of course, I’m going to completely disregard them and go to Kohl’s with no plan, lol. I have Kohl’s cash, and nothing I really *need,* so I’m just going to go see what I can find. Should be fun! (Not going at opening though)

  7. Lol Brittany hope you found a great bargain?

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