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  1. My wife gets upset when our children get our carpet dirty when playing. I like how you mention using rugs to extend the life of the carpet by giving an extra layer of protection. Thank you for the cleaning tips. I’ll contact a cleaning service so our carpet can get cleaned before installing a rug.

  2. Thanks for sharing your valuable ideas. Next time It will help me.

  3. Great tips! Growing up, my parents had an extra piece of carpet leftover that they used as a rug over the exact same carpet. I thought it was ridiculous, but when it got too stained, they just pulled it up and had perfectly good carpet underneath. Now I’m a big fan of rugs over carpet. It keeps me from having to call the carpet cleaners every time something spills.

  4. Hey Gabriel, Thanks for the tips. It is really hard to keep clean the rugs and carpets when you have naughty kids at home. These tips are definitely going to help me. I guess baking soda will work brilliantly.

  5. Thank you for your tip to regularly deep clean the carpet with a steam cleaner. My friend has three dogs and two kids and they are all always making a mess. Her carpet is crazy dirty even after she cleans it. I think she will definitely need a professional carpet cleaning service.

  6. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips. Along with all these things it is also important to choose a good quality vacuum cleaner for keeping your carpets clean and dust-free.

  7. Thanks for sharing these tidbits! Love them and plan to implement some!

  8. I just recently had a carpet installed in my living room, and there are already stains in it that I have no idea how to remove. Surprisingly, baking soda and essential oils can help get rid of the stains. I’d gladly follow this tip, but if it doesn’t work then I ‘ll resort to hiring a cleaning service.

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