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  1. I love this – this is definitely something I will look into

  2. It is a fantastic course:)

  3. you wont be disappointed:) I will look out for you on the forum!

  4. Hi Lynn it is great!

  5. I am taking the course too and it’s definitely helping me. Would love to connect on the forum!

  6. Hi Amy, I would love to connect I will look out for you!

  7. Looks like a great course, just way too expensive.

  8. It is worth the money and it will increase in price in the new year

  9. blogging is definitely a lot of work and I’m hoping to monetize my blog and will look into this course, thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for visiting Danielle, It is a great course and worth the money!

  11. I really wish I could afford this course but right now I just can’t. I did purchase her book though and am frantically reading every word. I will check back into the course another time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. I have heard it is spectacular.

  12. Hi Michelle, It is spectacular but understand the costs but it is worth it when you can afford it!

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