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  1. I am surprised at how well setting a timer actually works. I should actually use it more than I do. I am guilty of procrastination. I feel if I don’t have time to do it right then I don’t want to do it at all. A little work here and there is better than nothing though. Like you said it can really get out of control if you keep putting it off.

  2. Thanks Jenny for taking the time to comment and visit:) I am sometimes surprised how well the timer works too!

  3. Thanks for visiting I will be over shortly:)

  4. elizabeth says:

    Today, I found I was adding to my to do list just to cross off a completed task which hadn’t been on it originally!

  5. Thanks for visiting:) I do that all the time!

  6. Thank you Janelle for your kind words it means a lot:)

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