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  1. Hi there, Sharon, I’m visiting you from Equipping godly Women! I like your suggestions. I’m not so good at saving money, so you’re reminding me to work at it a bit more! I agree with you about coupons. I live in Turkey, but back hom in American, I notice that coupons are often for expensive name-brand items. Even after the discount, with the coupon, just buying a no-name brand with no coupon is often cheaper…

  2. Hi Betsy, that is such a great tip, people assume that with the coupon they are saving money and yet the generic brands can still come out cheaper!

  3. Great tips! Every little bit really does add up if you can do it faithfully and consistently. I’ve gotten a little lazy lately. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I am visiting from Frugal Friday Link up. I don’t by name brand food products for the exact reason you stated. The store brand serves its pourpose. I love shopping at Aldis.

  5. Hi Janell, Thanks for visiting:)

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