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  1. We’re really trying Sharon! this is the second month we’re budgeting with a zero based budget and the first where we haven’t had any additional income but my part time salary.We’re just barely able to pay all of our monthly expenses. I know it won’t be long before there’s more money coming in so we’re trying to refrain from those “you deserve it” purchases!

  2. I’m debt free at 40 and people are often shocked to learn that I’ve never followed a budget. By living below my means since my college days, I never had to follow a budget, I’ve also never paid a cent in credit card interest. I think a budget can help people get on track, but achieving true financial freedom is based on changing the conventional relationship to money to something more sustainable.

  3. You are doing well Angela! Proud of you 🙂 You will get there!

  4. That is awesome, but the most important thing you do is living below your income and that is so important! I agree we do need to change the relationship we have with money!

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