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  1. Thank you for being honest about failure. We don’t set out to fail, sometimes we just don’t have a well thought out plan. And then other times that well thought out plans isn’t as planned or simple as we thought, and yet we fail. Of course being human we want to Waller in our self pity that we failed the simple ( so we thought) plan. Then some how we pick ourselves back up and start over. Sometimes we just need to hear it from someone that actually understands and somehow we realize we are not the only one to fail at what we perceive as a simple task. Thank you for putting it out there, I am going to tackle my study/office/sewing room yet again.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. You are so welcome Judith, it is part of life and I think the more we accept that sometimes things don’t always go to plan and that it is OK to sometimes fail! Getting back up is so important and often the most difficult part of the process, it is so much easier to accept defeat and never try again! We learn more and achieve more when we fail and have to start again! Thanks for visiting!

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