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  1. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and washing. Therefore I do a deep clean of my sink almost everyday after I finish with all the chores I have. For me it’s very important the sink to be clean because I wash my kids plates and cups inside. Also because of the bad smell that may come of an unclean sink. Thanks for those suggestions on how to maintain it, I never tried the natural cleaning ways, so I am definitely gonna try them! Greetings

  2. Thanks for visiting and for your kind words! Some of the natural ways to clean are so much better for your health and the health of the planet too so I am glad you are going to give them a go! 🙂

  3. Sink is the heart of kitchen that should be cleaned everyday because a dirty sink may cause several diseases so I hope your given ideas will help people to successfully clean their kitchen sink. Thanks

  4. Thanks for your kinds words! Have a great week! Lets hope there are clean sinks across the world! 🙂

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