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  1. HI Sharon!
    I clicked over from Equipping Godly Women and surprise! It’s you 🙂 We live in an old house and have oil heat it is quite expensive. I keep the thermos down to 66 during the day and 60 at night-we pile on the blankets. It doe save you money each degree you lower it!

  2. Thanks for these reminders on how to save money on our bills… Our family is definitely in need to saving money!!

  3. Nice to see you Katie! And it is true every degree lower is money saved!

  4. Thanks for visiting Chris!

  5. When I’m paying for heating, I’m such a miser about turning it on. A few years ago I made it into December before I turned it on for the first time, but I’m sure I looked like a psychopath huddled on my couch with two blankets and a heavy sweatshirt on every time I was home… the perks of living alone. I’m not sure anyone else would’ve put up with that! ;o)

  6. Great tips! We definitely could be a little more careful in several of these areas! I just never think about it. Thanks for sharing on Equipping Godly Women Fellowship Fridays!

  7. We have been keeping our home at 64 degrees F since we turned the heat on. Not sure how long that will last when the temperature drops to single digits…we may be tempted to inch it up…but so far it is working.

  8. Lol Mel, that sounds like something I would do!

  9. Hi Brittany thanks for visiting:)

  10. Robbie, I love your commitment, we have a multi fuel burner which I light instead of turning the heat up when the temperature drops!

  11. Such good advice. We’ve moved from a small condo to a larger townhouse with multiple levels. The utility bills have really given us sticker shock. Especially in the winter! Oh my!

  12. Hi Toni, Thanks for visiting, hope you have taken control of your utility bills:)

  13. Great reminders. with utilities you don’t always have to use the default supplier as well. if you change suppliers of the utility it may save you money as well.

  14. Thanks for visiting Trish, that is a great tip thanks:)

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