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  1. This is such a great subject. I did a weeding out of sorts before Christmas and I’m getting ready to do it again. I want our son to understand that an over abundance of “stuff” isn’t necessary to be happy. It’s somewhat hard for a four year old to completely grasp letting go but it’s so worth the time it takes to work with him. I’m also getting rid of junk I haven’t used since we moved into this house. A year and a half later if it hasn’t been used it is going! (stopping by from Fellowship Fridays)

  2. Thanks for visiting, it is hard teaching children they don’t need items to feel happy but it is a good lesson to learn!

  3. Totally guilty here. Our Christmas tree is still up, the kids’ Christmas toys are still in the living room, and I have stuff to donate just sitting around. I’m going through it slowly, but not making very much progress!

  4. Thanks for visiting Brittany:) Going slowly through things will mean eventually you will get there!

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