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  1. I love a good bonfire, although we don’t have bonfire night here. It’s also illegal to set off fireworks in most parts of this country (Australia). So organised fireworks events draw huge crowds. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Sam for your kind words, I think that fireworks should be illegal to set off here without an organized display, it might discourage some problems with children playing with fireworks and the harm they cause.

  3. Great tips!

    We often have “burn bans” here where I live in Texas, meaning you can’t have any kind of open fire. Just because it can get way too dry if we haven’t had enough rain.

    I do love a good bonfire, though! I remember some fun ones at my uncle’s farm when I was growing up.



  4. Thanks Mary for your comments, that must be scary if there is a fire and the ground is too dry.

  5. Love this post! Fire’s make me so nervous to start with! It’s important that people don’t just assume that bonfires are safe. Good sound advice!

  6. Thanks Jennifer for your comment:)

  7. This post made me hungry for s’mores! 🙂

    Usually we enjoy bonfires at our extended family’s homes since they live out in the country. I’d like to get a fire pit so that we can safely enjoy it in town, but without one would worry about setting the house on fire!

  8. Thanks Anna for your comment, now I want s’mores too!

  9. Very sensible ideas. This time of year always makes me nervous with the fires and fireworks around – we had a scary incident when I was younger with a wildfire. I personally think they should only be allowed at organised events.

  10. Bronwen, I would hate to have to be near a wildfire that would be scary. Fireworks make me nervous too.

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